Do I Need To Buy Time Clock Software For My Company?

If you are failing to keep a track of your employee’s time and attendance, there is no doubt that you need to buy time clock software for your company. The basic idea of time clock software is that it helps employees to clock in and clock out electronically via time clock, web connected computers and cell phones. The latest versions of the time clock software do a lot more than these basic functions and listed below are the reasons why you should most definitely opt for one:


  • Time tracking gets easier
  1. Your employees will be able to record their entry and exit by simply clicking on a button or with a password that remains optional. You can track their working hours effectively.
  1. The entry of time can be associated with the type of project, department, job role, shift, pay type, sick leave, vacation or holidays.
  1. Buying time clock software will allow employees to enter notes on their current project and at what time and condition they have clocked in and out.
  1. There is absolute precision and accuracy in the time entries and it also offers the flexibility of rounding up to the nearest number of minutes you want.
  • Automation of payroll processes
  1. Delivering accurate information at your fingertips by automating payroll processes
  2. Keeping a track of multiple time and pay reports in detailed formats
  3. Recalling of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports is easier.
  4. Time clock software maintains every employee’s report that includes contact information and hiring details.
  5. These reports can be laid out in the Excel format or PDF for further analysis and research.
  6. Helps in cost reporting of time and pay by project type, job type, and account or employee code and work groups.
  • Inter-company communication

It is most likely that a particular employee would need to keep in touch with his/her direct line manager or department but there are instances in which they might need to communicate across departments for work-related information. How will the Time clock help here?

  1. Employees can check who is clocked in and who is clocked out and also the job type or project which they are associated with.
  1. Your employees can share work plans and update their colleagues on what they are currently working on and from where.
  • Securing the system

In time clock software, there are generally two kinds of security systems; one for the administrators and one for the employees. Administrators access the system via their PIN code or password and employees do the same via theirs. What more does it do?

  1. Administrators have the access to configure the system, edit time entries, run reports, and track the comings and goings of the employees.
  1. Employees can maintain their availability details to ensure that their attendance report is secured.

Time clock software pricing

Time clock software pricing for single computer licenses are generally one time investments with no recurring costs and can be around $50 while unlimited network licenses for all the computers in your system can be around $100 with no recurring payments. This is an average costing and different companies may have different modules of payments. You can start with the free trial versions of time clock software to see which one suits you the best and then invest in the same.

Investing in time clock software for your business is advantageous on so many levels that the initial cost will hardly matter with the kind of ROI you get. From helping your employees develop punctuality to you getting an insight of staff activity, the time clock software system will revolutionize your workplace.


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