shark gaming mouse

SHARKK Gaming Mouse Review

The Sharkk is one of the best CSGO gaming mouse in the market right now because of its cheap price as compared to the functions available in this gaming mouse. The design is really ergonomic and much cooler than other mice I have seen on amazon UK. This mouse is very comfortable than other CSGO gaming mouse and it contains whole 14 buttons which will not only help you in the middle og the game but it also helps you while doing your regular PC work or professional work like editing videos or pictures by assigning shortcuts to the buttons. It also has a mat finished design which makes it even more comfortable to grip. There are LEDs installed in this mouse and you can change the colors of the LEDs and pulse light according to your need. This CSGO mouse really rocks, believe me.

shark gaming mouse
No doubt that this is the best CSGO gaming mouse with lots of professional features for such a cheap price. I bought this a razer gaming mouse double than this Sharkks price few weeks ago and I literally broke that mouse because it did not fulfil what was written in the description box, but this mouse is half of that price and has alot of functions too. I can store my profile in this mouse and the best part is that there is steel installed at the base of this mouse which increases its durability and make the movement smoother than any other mouse available. The buttons on this mouse are so accurately placed that I did not even have to think before pressing or have to watch before pressing. I really like the shape of it because the figure impressions on the button for pressing gave so much comfort while playing. Really, this CSGO gaming mouse truly deserves to be the best budget CSGO mouse one the mouse market.

This is one of the best gaming mouse ever constructed. The mouse is made with top-notch materials like Aluminum. The base of the mouse is all aluminum which that adds to the heaviness of the mouse. This mouse likewise has removable weights as well. You can look at 4 adjustable speeds in this FPS gaming mouse. Speeds range is from 1000 to 16400 DPI. In gaming, this mouse has 14 programmable catches on the mouse. The Mouse programming is marvelous. Generally speaking, this is an awesome mouse to get if your budget is low and you need a great mouse for CSGO. Indeed, even if you don’t diversion that frequently it is an extraordinary ordinary mouse as well. I would truly prescribe this amazing CSGO gaming mouse anybody that is into gaming for drawn out stretches of time.


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